10 Tips To Avoid Getting Fat While Stuck Indoors

In my first week of quarantine I ate so many cookies, it would cause the cookie monster to blush. But these gluttonous acts have consequences. Beyond weight gain, overeating decreases the quality of your energy, and could also affect the fluidity of cognitive functions. Temptations also seem to be stronger when you are stuck indoors, so cookie lovers require an EXTRA dose of self-control. I do not intend to emerge out of quarantine as the next contestant for TLC’s my 600 pound life, so I determined ways to keep myself “in check”. Below are 10 tips to avoid unwelcome weight gain while in quarantine. Continue reading 10 Tips To Avoid Getting Fat While Stuck Indoors

Pistachio-less Oreos

I bit it once and then twice. I tilted my head sideways. I closed my eyes. I shifted my position to the left. But all to no avail. Despite what I did, I simply could not find *any pistachio flavor* within the Oreo. I ate a couple more but it only increased my disappointment. Defeated, I placed the cookies in the darkest corner of my pantry. Continue reading Pistachio-less Oreos