Cookie philosophy

My mission is educate, promote and celebrate the brilliance of cookies to every person who may eat one. My motto is: “ The perfect cookie is like a bright smile.

You can’t tell me that a cookie has not brought a smile to your face. If you haven’t experienced this, then quite frankly you have NOT eaten the perfect cookie. 


  • I value delicious cookies made with the freshest ingredients and the purest of intentions
  • I value cookie entrepreneurs
  • I value real ingredients (butter, eggs, etc)

Cookie creed: (for all bakers)

There are 10 tenants of the cookie creed that all cookie monsters and bakers (around the world)  should adhere to without exemption.

  1. I promise to wash my hands thoroughly with soap
  2. I promise to use clean, high quality utensils
  3. I promise to keep the kitchen and oven clean
  4. I promise to bake my own cookies and not depend on others to bake them
  5. I promise not to skimp on quality ingredients
  6. I promise not to over indulge (read how to stop at four cookies)
  7. I promise not to be a cookie snob
  8. I promise not to serve my guests burnt cookies.
  9. I promise to try new recipes and be creative.
  10. I promise to have FUN eating cookies!