Dad’s in the kitchen and I’m here for it

Dad’s cookies are simplicity and quality I’ve tried all of the cookies that Dad has to offer unless they were discontinued before I had a chance. Dad’s cookies (not to be confused with Dad’s cookie company) is one of the oldest brands manufactured by Christie. Since 1929, Dad has been known for a simple, yet delicious crunchy oatmeal flavor. Dad’s keeps it simple: oatmeal and … Continue reading Dad’s in the kitchen and I’m here for it

Jump on the Bandwagon

My first introduction to Wagon wheels was 5 years ago when a generous colleague brought in a large box and started handing them out. He was so impressed with my reaction that he gave me the rest of the box. Him and I became best work friends after that gesture. Inspired by the wild, wild west , Wagon Wheels are a bougie Viva puff and … Continue reading Jump on the Bandwagon