About Me

Hello Cookie monster, and thanks for stopping by today!

You’re probably here to find out a little bit more about me. Click here to read my first post which explains one of my purposes in life.


I’ve been a cookie monster since kindergarten . My mother (God bless her) realized this, and tried her best to deter my addiction with a diet rich in vegetables. (I still remember the beet juices I had to drink). Once I gained independence, I embraced my cookie monster tendencies. This is a blog that showcases my cookie experiences.

Relationship with cookie monster

As it happens, me and the head monster have a good thing going on. We’ve been great friends and collaborators for a long time. Head monster teaches how we all can live a happy life appreciating cookies. I live a happy life eating delicious cookies and this blog spread this message also.

Commit to being a monster

There is no need to hide your cookie addiction. Stay with me, and let’s navigate cookie trials and celebrate our cookie victories. Fill out the subscription form below to join the chorus.

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