Moodboosters for breakups

Its over Now.

Samantha is going to St Lucia to visit her parents. She is eager for this trip because she has not seen her parents in over a year. Peter, her loving boyfriend drives her to the airport, and embraces her warmly at the entrance. Even after three years together, Peter’s ardor always brings a blush that tingle Samantha’s cheeks. Detangling her self from his arms, she scurries to the gate to check in.

She had just found her seat on the plane when her phone begins to ping. It was Peter. He had sent a bombardment of messages expressing his undying love and gratitude for her. Samantha smiled and settled back into her seat. She would miss him too, but she was only going away for a month!

2 weeks have already passed in St Lucia and Samantha can not imagine a more beautiful place. She is at the beach for the millionth time , and she just can’t get enough of the fresh fish. Samantha sees the blue flash of her phone on the towel beside her, and snatches it up quickly. She has been waiting all day for a response from Peter. It was odd that he was taking this long.

Peter had sent five messages including an attachement he suggested she download. Samantha began reading, and it was impossible to hide her shock. He was moving on. There was a was a list of things he disliked about her. They weren’t even compatible and finally, he never wanted to see her again.

The weeks following those messages changed Samantha’s life. She arrived back from St Lucia to find all of her belongings in the lobby of their apartment building. Peter was standing nearby with a busty beach blonde beside him. They both seemed to be mocking her. Defeated, Samantha began to move out her things to the van waiting outside.

After a emotional breakup, it is natural to search for some sort of comfort or sympathy. Hopefully your now ex was not so cruel to break up with you on Valentine’s day, or even while were away on vacation like Samantha. But whatever the day, the relationship is now OVER and you probably feel bummed.

Breakups happen in different ways so naturally there is a mood booster for each type of break up. This article will recommend the cookies that are ideal for 4 types of breakups. However, before you even begin contemplating, I implore you to read this helpful article on how to avoid overeating cookies. Cookies are comfort foods so we must not over do it!

1.The blind side breakup

In the opening example, Peter caught Samantha by surprise because she didn’t see a breakup coming. She thought her relationship with Peter was okay but apparently he was just going through the motions. In hindsight, she realized that she had ignored some critical warning signs that were clues of things to come. Peter’s abrupt announcement is the blindside breakup. Samantha is of course stunned and hurt at the same time because she still loves him. A blind side break up introduces so much surprise that one party will spend time trying to rationalize where it all went wrong. It is impossible to avoid ‘wool gathering‘ in this scenario, which is why nutty cookies are ideal. The crunch of the nuts will be a pleasant workout for your jaw while you think about ‘where it all went wrong’. In addition, walnuts, cashews and almonds are tasty and pack nutrients like fiber. Try these cashew butter cookies by Martha Stewart.

2. Ghosting

Has your significant other completely disappeared? They won’t respond to texts , or calls and they seem to be off social media too. You wonder what has happened, and why they are being so disrespectful. Is it something you said? something you wore? you can’t help but have 1000 questions. You are likely going to be up all night wondering and pondering, so you should get yourself prepared with a steamy beverage and coffee cookies. Coffee cookie are just that: cookies made with coffee. These cookies will give you the caffeine to stay up all night brainstorming why your ex ghosted you. Get the recipe here.

Coffee cookies. Source: cupcake project

3. Betrayed!

When you are cheated on, a host of emotions follow. Anger. humiliation. sorrow. Betrayal is one of the most difficult breakups to navigate and overcome. The resulting wounds could even threaten your future romantic relationships. Dark Chocolate is the ideal remedy as it promotes the increase of Serotonin to the brain. Serotonin is branded as the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter that helps to improve moods and fight negative feelings. Ensure to choose high quality dark chocolate and never settle for the cheap stuff. (Also,don’t be afraid to double up on the dark! Click here for a recipe.)

Dark chocolate cookies. Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

4. The Mutual breakup

You and your partner agreed to call it quits in a respectful, grown up fashion. (#Adultingin2020). Perhaps both of you realized that it just wasn’t working and you were mature enough to be honest and open about it. This breakup can still be difficult, but you feel like you can forget the past and move on much sooner. Since you are turning a new page in your life, its time to try something that you probably have never tried before. Mimosa Butter cookies are celebration or”champagne” cookies. These zesty, melt-in-your mouth delights will help you forget your past, and prepare you to toast your tomorrow. Click here for a recipe.

Mimosa Butter Cookies. Source: A Taste of home

How did you eat after a breakup? I invite you to share your comments below!.

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