5 cookies that resist cancel culture

Before 2016, when an opinion was unpalatable, people parted ways in civil disagreement. Today we have cancel culture.  This alarming trend attempts to stomp out anyone, or anything, that may not align with limited world views. Unfortunately, cancel culture has catapulted to a point that does not allow for atonement. For example, spotless and sin-free cancel journalists trumpet the cause. They will search twitter for hours, unearthing scoops to deem a person unfit for society.

Cancel culture is the Olympics for Vultures

-Unknown twitter user

Did you share an opinion that stirred the ire of the online mob? Did this lead to you being cancelled? Thankfully, there are solutions, the first of which is to find actual offline friends, and engage in activities. For example, an activity like baking is relaxing, and can help you avoid the perils of cancel culture.

Baking and eating cookies are very fun activities, but there is a limit. Read this very helpful article on how to eat cookies in moderation.

#1 Go for Ginger

Photo and recipe by once upon a chef

The ginger spice has anti-inflammatory properties that will help calm your nerves and restore equilibrium. Specifically, ginger is a very effective remedy for digestive ailments including the nausea and indigestion you may experience from getting cancelled. In addition, it is one of the most delicious, and versatile spices which is a staple of the holiday season. So, go ahead and bake a giant ginger cookie to get your tranquility back! (By the way, I have a questionable obsession to these crispy gingersnap cookies, available on amazon. They are soooo good for a packaged gingersnap!)

Constant outrage is raw material for rapid aging, and mental weakness

#2 Pump up with pumpkin

Photo and recipe by: inspired to cook

Pumpkins are viewed as vegetables, but they are scientifically categorized as fruit. Pumpkins pack impressive nutrients, and rich antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E. These three vitamins will boost your immunity to cancel journalists . This means you can share your reasonable opinons with confidence, and insults to your character will be too weak to penetrate.

#3 Dream in the dark

Quality dark chocolate is tasty and nutritious. For example, chocolate with 70+ cocoa contains fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and a host of other minerals. Furthermore, a 2015 study concluded that 100g of dark chocolate per day can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. A darkly delcious chocolate cookie is perfect to lower the tension cancel journalists often create. Add almonds to upgrade the experience to a gourmet! (Find a good selection of dark chocolate on Amazon)

Don’t let the internet cancel your ability to create your own thoughts

#4 float with Oats

Photo and recipe by: Lottie and Doof

Oatmeal contains a rich soluble fiber (beta-glucan), that promotes a healthy gut, and lowers blood sugar. A half cup of whole grain oats contains over 10 minerals and vitamins that optimize health. Oatmeal also helps reduce blood pressure, which means you can keep cool against the inflammatory accusations drummed up by cancel journalists. (By the way, crock pot oatmeal is a MUST TRY, and Oatmeal raisin cookies are underrated! )

BCC in email also stands for Before Cancel Culture

#5 Yodell for yogurt

Photo and recipe by Lovely Little Kitchen

Yogurt is a well-known source of calcium, a mineral that promotes healthy bones and teeth. Yogurt has a surprising amount of protein (12g per 7 ounces), which supports metabolisim. Yogurt will strengthen your backbone when agents of cancel culture seek to crush you. It will also improve your energy and help control your appetite. A cup of Greek yogurt can be added to most recipes. Yogurt will produce soft and flavorful cookies! (FYI: Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for those who do not want to use butter).

In conclusion, nobody can cancel your freedom to think independently unless you let them. That being said, sometimes its helpful to take a break from twitter (cancel culture headquarters), and bake some delicious cookies!

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