Baking will help your confidence

Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies
Source: Mr.

I wish I could drink a potion and get a flat stomach, perfect skin, and luscious hair. However, this is not the way life works. After I failed with ‘diet pills’ and ‘slimming garments”, I finally accepted that sexy abs do not appear overnight. The stomach of my dreams requires a steady dose of discipline, and persistence. Similarly, healthy self -esteem does not happen without constant effort. The good news is you can develop high self confidence, if you are willing to work for it. It may seem doubtful, but baking can uplift self-confidence, as long as you don’t eat everything yourself.

(FYI: Before you begin baking, I suggest you read this helpful article about baking pitfalls to avoid.)

Work your confidence like you work your mouth chatting

Baking builds achievements

One of my friends whined that she could only make 3 types of cookies. Well, that’s three more than progressive model, Ashely Graham who can only cook one thing:

Everybody has to build from the ground up, and nobody goes from zero to a hundred in a day. Renowned Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Jack Torres began as a lowly apprentice in a small pastry shop. Today, Torres is a member of the International Culinary Center, and boasts of inventing the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, which he proudly sells for $35 a dozen! Building on small achievements will give you the confidence to attain larger goals.  For example, start with a classic recipe (like macadamia), and make it the best that you can. Trust me, if you can make a delicious macadamia cookie, consider it an achievement, because not everyone gets how to make it. (Take it from your’s truly).

Baking helps your creativity

One of contributors to low self confidence is idleness. There is enough evidence to show that an idle mind leads to banal antics such as empty outrage over an exercise ad. Overcome a lack of purpose by creating something, even if it is baking cookies. When you bake, you are creating something from scratch and you open your mind to discovering new recipes and variations. Creating is a workout for the brain, and engages the senses to shine. Baking will inspire you to try new ideas, and explore ways to make your recipes better.  After all, creativity is how cookie goddess Ruth Graves Wakefield invented everybody’s favorite cookie: The chocolate chip cookie.

Action brings satisfaction

Have you ever followed a recipe and it still did not come out right? Do you remember how disappointed you were? For example, It took me 5 TRIES before I achieved banana bread. My banana bread often came out soggy and deflated. When I finally got it right, I danced a jig in jubilee. When your pastries come out perfect, the sense of satisfaction provides an instant boost to your confidence. You will feel hopeful and enthusiastic that you succeeded, especially when you failed before. You may even want to take a picture and share it with your friends. I say go right ahead! (Please share your cookie pics with me on twitter @_cookiesarelife)

Internet outrage leads to old age quickly.

Baking improves knowledge and experiences

The first time I made oatmeal raisin cookies, they were a hard fail. I was determined to try again, so I researched to find out what I did wrong. In the process, I learned how to make soft and chewy cookies with perfect edges. My confidence improved because I learned something new and useful.  When you become more competent on a subject like baking, it builds self –confidence, because you will know how things are better done.  In addition, your experiences will give you the authorization to answer questions, and help others.

Generosity will fuel you

If you want to improve your confidence, avoid eating an entire batch of cookies

I once took a dark chocolate zucchini cake to my manager.  Before the afternoon was out, other managers came running to get a slice. When I saw people enjoying the cake, I beamed with happiness. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always wish to share my cookies. However, when it comes to improving confidence, I suggest that you avoid keeping the cookies to yourself.  Give away your delicious baked creations to your friends and family and watch how quickly their affirmations improve your confidence. The gratitude they express will demonstrate your ability to create something that others can enjoy. (It will also motivate you to bake more, and you should!!) NOTE: If you just can’t stop yourself from eating the entire batch, contact me on twitter @_cookiesarelife , and I will be your accountability partner.

Dear bummed out millennial: Apply the same consistency you have with checking Instagram into building your confidence, and you’ll see results in a week.

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