4 escapes for your taste buds

A couple months ago, I explained how you can avoid suspicious cookies (and other pastries). With holiday parties approaching, I suggest you arm yourself with my list of tactful excuses that will rescue you from ‘curious’ desserts. These strategies work well, although they are not perfect.

People who value your opinion can be very persuasive. For example, an entrepreneur baker wanted feedback for her new protein cookies, and offered me the guinea pigs. Although I am a cookie addict, sometimes I am just not feeling the cookies. Therefore, I discovered four ways to ‘escape’ eating baked goods while managing to keep relationships intact.

Important note: When you are offered something that you are unsure of, always demand a ‘little piece’. Never accept the whole thing!

4 ways to escape

Discreet Napkin– This is my favorite escape, and the one I apply most often. There are usually napkins when food is nearby however, I always travel with Kleenex in case of emergencies. Carefully place the undesirable item in a napkin and wrap it delicately. Do this while smiling and making small talk. It is very important that you demonstrate reverence while wrapping the cookie because you want to give the impression that you will be saving the deliciousness for ‘later’. When later arrives, gift the napkin to the garbage.

Ghost chew and safe discard – Ghost chewing is essentially pretending to eat something. (Yes, I have actually done this). I use this technique when I am being closely watched. To maximize the effect of ghost chewing, always take a piece of the item (as in never accept the whole cookie!) Here is how to Ghostchew:

Get crumbly – What happens when you bite into a crunchy cookie? well, no matter how ‘delicately’ you eat, there will likely be nibblers that slip from the corners of your mouth, which are famously known as CRUMBS! Did you know that you don’t have to bite into a cookie to create crumbs? Simply follow these three steps:

  • When nobody is looking, place the piece of cookie in your hand and make a tight fist.
  • Get up to stretch, and squeeze the fist as hard as you possibly can. The cookie should smother or crumble.
  • Next, begin wiping your lap and dusting your clothes from imaginary lint. During this activity, let the crumbs slip to the floor. Just make sure you help clean up the place later.

“Accidentally on the floor “-As the heading suggests, find a way to allow your cookie to accidentally slip to the floor. Use your imagination. Oops, your cookie fell ! Brittany will help you understand:

How do you escape from eating something you don’t really want to eat? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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