Turnover tales

Turnover cookies are still kind of a big deal. They are lunch box cookies that have a dollop or filling of fruit. If you have ever eaten a nutri-grain bar, than turnover cookies are a fair comparison.

When it comes to packaged turnovers, I only know of one kind: Voortman’s turnovers.  The Voortman bakery is a Canadian based company (sorry international folks), that prides themselves on high quality ingredients to produce simple but delicious cookies. I know of no other brand of packaged turnovers that is worthy of my taste buds . I frequent the cookie isle in nearly every grocery store and still, Walmart’s version of turnovers (the Great Value brand), eluded me completely until my sister purchased them.  

It’s true: little sisters make mistakes. Why would someone purchase the GV brand of turnovers when Voortman’s are clearly the superior option?  Not one to let biases cloud my judgement, I decided to test Walmart’s version to answer this troubling question.

This is the Great value brand of Turnovers. I chose the Strawberry flavor. I ate 3 and gave away the rest. If you are not aware , I have a rule about stopping at four cookies. (Very difficult rule, but necessary to follow).

At Walmart Canada, The GV brand retails for $1.67, while Voortman’s turnovers are $2.00 . Voortmans are .33 cents more, but worth it. At one store *cough* Loblaws, Voortmans are priced as high as $3.29! (Robbery)

Other differences between the two turnovers are indicated in the graphic below.

Test: Based on the info above, which turnover is by Voortman’s Bakery?

The verdict

My experience with Walmart’s GV turnovers was a disappointment. I can not tell if it was a bad batch, but I tasted the baking soda which is unpleasant. (Yes, I can taste when pastries have too much baking soda, or egg). In addition, they were not as soft as turnovers should be. Unless something comes to dethrone Voortmans, I will continue to only purchase their turnovers!

I thought it was one bad cookie but after three ,I still tasted the baking soda.

By the way, you are correct if you guessed the cookie on the right to be by Voortman’s bakery. This is why I am eating it so enthusiastically.

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