Overcome Cookie bigotry DIY

What is cookie bigotry?  Simply put, it is the audacity to prefer only ONE or a very limited variety of cookies, while scoffing at all others. Cookie bigots are “die-hards”, and can be more dismissive than cookie snobs. (Learn how to handle cookie snobs here)  For example, a person who ONLY eats chocolate chip cookies in 2019 may be guilty of cookie bigotry.  This is not referring to those with dietary restrictions, or strict health preferences which naturally limit food choices.

But what if you only want to eat chocolate chip cookies?

 Chocolate chip cookies are really darn good so if you have found your happy place, this is actually OKAY.  It is important to know the differences between a cookie bigot, and a non-cookie bigot. The illustration below clarifies these key differences.  

If you are a cookie bigot, and you wish to overcome, this article offers practical solutions that you can begin to apply immediately.

How to Overcome :

Open your eyes, it’s a BIG world – Recognize that there is plenty to discover and achieve in the world.  It may be daunting at first to accept that there are cookies beyond Chips Ahoy or Little Debbie’s, but thankfully there are resources that will hold your hand and guide you. For example, be open to trying new things. Recently, a friend gave me Country Ma’am Japanese cookies which are crispy cookies with soft, chewy centers. The choco-chip ones are sweet (but not overly), and reminded me of a cakey-brownie.

Chips Ahoy! Original Chocolate-Chip – Cookies, 460 Grams

Flood your inbox with cookie recipes– The internet is chock full of bakers who enthusiastically share their recipes and experiences . Just search ‘cookies’ and you will be introduced to a world of pastry chefs, bloggers, and food scientists.  Sign up to their newsletters even if you just look at the appealing pictures. Here is a list of the top cookie blogs for November 2019 which is complied by Feedspot media. (By the way, yours truly is #27 on the list, but I’m aiming for #1 🙂 )

Follow cookie people – To overcome cookie bigotry, it is important to immerse yourself in the active cookie society. When you sign up for newsletters, don’t forget to follow cookie people on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Cookie people share videos and articles that will help you become an expert at baking cookies. The best part is, this requires almost no commitment! (Follow yours truly on twitter @_cookiesarelife).

Try limited editions – During the year, mainstream cookie brands release cookies that are only available for a short time.  This is a great way to discover new varieties and flavors of cookies. For example, Oreo has cinnamon bun, maple cream, and pumpkin spice, as part of their Autumn limited edition releases.  Learn more about new Oreo flavors for 2019 here.

Visit local bakeries – Make it a point to try a different cookie as often as you can.  For example, I made a list of bakeries in my area, read reviews on their products and started visiting each one.  Admittedly, this takes more energy and planning but taking a friend a long definitely helps. 

Lastly, join big bird and the gang on Sesame Street! (haha). You’ll meet a cast of delightful characters including the incomparable blue creature famously known as the cookie monster.  The cookie monster is infectious, and will charm you into eating more cookies! (Follow official cookie monster twitter: @MeCookieMonster)

Do you have questions about overcoming cookie bigotry? don’t hesitate to contact me, your friendly cookie expert.

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