You should be eating Macadamias

It’s the weekend, and you want to bake something delicious. As usual, you turn to the ‘tried and true’ because it’s quick, and easy. Hey, routine is a good thing, but why are you reaching for the same recipe over and over when there are other delicious cookies to discover?  Make a change, and try something different like white chocolate macadamia cookies! Keep reading to find out why.

First, expand your horizons

I get it. Chocolate chip cookies are epic, but the truth is you don’t ALWAYS have to bake them! There are other types of cookies that are equally satisfying. Leave your comfort zone, and discover new recipes, experiment with new ingredients, and expand your cookie expertise.  White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are an excellent place to start.

Macadamia nuts+ White chocolate is a sweet duo

Macadamia nuts are considered a delicacy, and are among the tastiest nuts in the world. The flavor is rich and buttery, which is perfect for baked goods like pies and cookies.  Furthermore, macadamia nuts in cookie dough prove that there are things that just “go together”. For example, syrup goes on pancakes. Oreos are dunked into milk.  Similarly, the union of white chocolate and macadamia is formidable, and will be a hallelujah reprise for your taste buds.  Use crispy, salted macadamia nuts to make this experience a deluxe.

They are softer than a teddy (when done right)

Many who scowl at oatmeal raisin cookies have simply tried the WRONG ONE. Poor ingredients and weak techniques have besmirched the oatmeal cookie as “undesirable”, but this is not the case. Read my defense of oatmeal raisin cookies here. It is so important to make the RIGHT cookie and there is only ONE acceptable way to make this one. The ideal cookie is crispy on the edges, chewy on the inside, with generous amounts of nuts and white chocolate. When this cookie is done right, it produces softness that is to LIVE for! The good news is that this is not hard achieve!  Use softened butter, brown sugar, and an extra egg yolk for the moisture that your taste buds will worship.  Here is a recipe you can try.

NOTE: Many tend to overdo the sugar , which ultimately spoils the cookie. If using sweetened white chocolate, reduce the amount of chocolate or the sugar. If you choose to reduce the brown sugar, consider using that “extra egg yolk” so the cookies retain moisture and don’t come out flat.

Classic comfort that will impress

After working hard and eating clean all week, it is okay to treat yourself to a grand indulgence. A soft and chewy white chocolate macadamia cookie is the therapeutic comfort you need! (Keep this therapy to four cookies though! learn how to stop (eating) after four cookies here).  To add, these classic cookies will impress your family and friends, and boost the ambience at your events.

It’s so simple to make, even LeBron James could make it

In 2014, LeBron James (known as the best basketball player in a yesteryear), went on a 67 day diet devoid of carbs, sugar, and all that other good stuff. The strict diet forbade ice cream, pancakes, and his favorite cookies: chocolate chip cookies. To make matters worse, the cookie monster haunted LeBron at night, chasing him around.  Macadamia cookies are SO EASY to make LeBron could make them while bouncing a ball. In fact, it is so simple, you don’t even need a new recipe! Think of your favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. Follow that recipe but add white chocolate and macadamia nuts instead of chocolate chips and VOILA! You will have white macadamia nut cookies! (By the way, cookie monster hauntings are a real thing).

I hope you will consider making white chocolate macadamia today. Double your batch so you can send some my way.

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