Millennial cookie match

12 cookies for millennial emotions

A cookie for millennial emotions..

Have you ever been completely led by your emotions? If you’re a millennial, the answer is probably a big fat YES, (although this experience is true for every generation).  Since feelings are so super important, its only logical to make choices based on them. (This of course includes cookies). If you want to know which cookies are ideal for your feelings, you are in the right place.  Here are 12 cookies that match millennial expressions and emotions.

1.Feeling Salty …

Feeling salty? Let it go, and bite into a chunky chocolate chip cookie (no skimping on the chocolate!) If you’re still clinging to salt, add a sea salt finish which will amp up the savory goodness.

photo and recipe credit: The chunky chef

2. When you’ve been cancelled

Cancel culture is real and something so devastating that you may have to pack up and move to a remote part of the world. When you’ve been cancelled (often for something ‘basic‘ like having your own opinion), battle your cold winter with cozy comfort cookies like this ultimate ginger cookie or a brownie cookie.

3. When you’re super thirsty

Something “thicc” slid into your mentions and now the lust has begun. Conquer wantonness with a bitterly cold shower and then bake two-dozen wheat bran cookies. Wheat bran will add something more ‘wholesome’ to your gut, as well as keep you close to the toilet and the shower. Keep it bran and keep it bland!

4. Feeling Envious? is your struggle THAT real?

Best antidote for envy: Make the cookies yourself

The antidote to envy is this important message: It’s not yours, so get your own. Get a start and bake Jacques Torres infamous chocolate chip cookie. Hailed as the best chocolate chip cookie EVER, Torres’s New York based shop sells them at $35 per dozen. Make his fussy recipe from scratch, so you can discover how much hard work and patience goes into creating something this magnificent (hashtag, “Adulting“).  Note: in order to get the full experience of ‘Jacques Torres’ it’s important to follow all the instructions and no cheating!

5. When your Woke as heck

Being “woke”(aka ‘faux-outrage’), is associated with trendy virtue signaling, finger pointing, and attention craving. At closer examination, many who practice faux-outrage are not really serious and so neither are we. If you feel faux outraged, make Pesto or Broccoli cookies. The taste alone will keep you woke for life.

6. Missing your buff ex ‘bae’

Lenny and Larry’s protein cookie is an ideal way to ensure you keep your buff bae’s memory alive. These plant-based fiber rich cookies are very modern and are like, literally the best vegan cookies ever. (Get the Double Chocolate!)

7. Spillin’ some tea

You’re meeting up with your girls and you will be discussing the juicy news around the school . Surely you know that you can’t spill tea without shortbread cookies?

8. If you want to slay

No, you don’t have to cure cancer or even discover another source of sustainable energy. All you have to do is get your hair done, nails done, and wear a fab outfit to slay. To continue to impress your admirers, and have them screech YAASSSS, bake stained glassed candy cookies, or iced gingerbread biscotti. Go on girl! SLAY!

9. When you’re acting extra

Over the top dramatic behavior may attract attention, but people will think you childish and petulant. If “Mom” tells you bluntly that you’re acting like a child, then you probably are. It’s a good time to eat honey bears and sing the teddy song.

Psst! Teddy Grahams are actually fun to bring along when travelling. Read why here.

10. After a clap back

Someone said something rude to you and your clap back” left them shook. The fuzzy feeling of superiority that followed should definitely be celebrated. Toast your clever ‘disses‘ and comebacks with chocolate fudge cookies.

11. When you’re turnt

So you are turnt or hyped for a party because it’s going to be lit. Whether it’s your party, or a friend’s, cookies are NEEDED (and what’s better than sandwich cookies?) Here is a list of cookies that you can easily turn up to.

12. Mood: Lazy

We all have those days when we ‘finna do nothing‘. Curl up with a book, hot chocolate, and Biscoff cookies. The caramelised goodness in these cookies is one of a kind and it only comes to life when you dunk them in hot chocolate.

Do you have more cookies that will match millennial emotions?  Share them! and as always, “keep it 100”!

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