What cookies would Trudeau choose?

News cycles delight in reporting scandals. Everyday, astute journalists unearth drier-than- dust skeletons, and promote decade-long outrages. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (JT), is currently the talk of the town due to the discovery of occasions where he painted his face. After an Emmy-worthy apology that tickled the ears of the JT camp, calls were made to the citizens of Canada to forget bygones, and move ahead with something they label progress. With his campaign heating-up, and eager volunteers knocking on doors, my thoughts turned to a more serious subject.  What cookies would JT choose to make or eat? Sadly, I don’t have the occasion to ask him personally, so I can only speculate.  I appeal to you to assist me in deliberating the answer. To start, I successfully narrowed down Justin Trudeau’s options to seven.

Which cookie would Justin Trudeau choose?

would JT choose Meringue?

1. Egg-white cookie (Meringue)– these light, airy morsels are made with the simplest ingredients. All you need is three large egg whites, sugar and a patient hand to whip the whites to an elegant fluff.  The result is almost too pretty to eat. I quickly eliminated this option because JT doesn’t look like an egg-white kind of guy. My recipe calls for three large egg whites, and this is just too much whites for JT in my humble opinion.

2. White chocolate Macadamia is a classic! You can follow a chocolate chip cookie recipe but substitute white chocolate for the milk chocolate, and add macadamia nuts. White chocolate and macadamia within a soft cookie creates delicious harmony, but many bakers often overdo the sugar which absolutely spoils it. (Tip: if you are using sweetened white chocolate, you can reduce the amount of sugar the recipe calls for.) Would JT choose Macadamia though? I have a feeling he would want a white -and -milk double chocolate macadamia, brazil nut, granola,etc cookie..and then that would be a totally different cookie or no?  

will JT choose the best of both worlds? credit: https://www.browneyedbaker.com/black-and-white-cookies-recipe/

3. Black and white cookies- oh my biscuits! Initially, I thought these perfect for JT.  A wise person once said that “black and white cookies give you the best of both worlds”, and I really think it’s true. The greatness of this cookie is the equality it promotes. Using a ruler, portion equal parts for the chocolate and the vanilla. If you prefer one side to the other, you can always give the other half away, but if you’re very smart you’ll enjoy both sides.

JT can’t go wrong with chocolate chip…

4. A list of cookies for JT would not be credible without the indomitable chocolate chip cookie.  This is one of the world’s best cookies, if not the best! (don’t @ me). I think JT would choose this cookie because who the heck wouldn’t? Also, it’s well documented that a female invented this magnificent cookie, and this is music to the ears of JT. (Actually, come @me on twitter to debate the greatness of the chocolate chip @_cookiesarelife)

5. Dark chocolate cookie– Now we’re talking. For this cookie, you can use the desired percentage of dark chocolate. The one pictured above is at least 60% cacao.  Personally, I like dark chocolate because it has antioxidant properties, and generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate.  I think JT would really enjoy dark chocolate cookies because he can really live la vida mocha.

JT can feast on dark and white chocolate: credit: https://baketotheroots.de/black-n-white-cookies/

6. Dark & white chocolate cookie– The intensely rich flavor of this cookie will indulge a chocolate addict and convert those on the fence.  This is a nice option for JT because he can double the dark chocolate and add as little white chocolate as possible. Double the dark, and double the effect.  With twice the chocolate, he will be twice-d re-elect.

7. Flour-less chocolate fudge black bean cookie. This cookie is seriously sexy. JT will enjoy the decadence and intensity of chocolate fudge! (and with fudge,he can smudge!) Furthermore, these cookies are flour-free, and can be made without dairy or eggs. Sounds like a perfect cookie for environmentalists!


After this short analysis, the answer became abundantly clear to me. I hope you reached the same conclusion too. JT would prefer flour-less, egg-less, dairy-less double chocolate fudge black bean cookies. Do you think this choice is correct?

Do you agree with my conclusion ? What cookie do you think JT would choose? I welcome your comments!

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