Crunchin on a plane like a BOSS

Traveling with cookies can enrich the adventure and help ease anxiety. Plane food is also not the thing although some airlines are better than others. During delays, one is forced to spend ages sitting in cramped seats or standing due to crowds. If you don’t prepare for this, you can get hungry, bored or frustrated, and you may be tempted to purchase the overpriced and often mediocre food in the airport.

When traveling, I pack for all parts of the journey: the cookies for the airport and plane, the cookies for the vacation, and the cookies to give away. Yes i know its plenty of cookies, but I come prepared. During critical points like take off, I keep myself busy munching and before I know it, we’re cruising.  If you are a weary traveler like me, try taking cookies with you.  Believe me, not only will it make your voyage more delicious, it will be less expensive than travelling with an owl or donkey for comfort.  But what cookies should you take on a trip?

As a general rule, avoid cookies that are too decadent* as they can lead to sluggishness and other digestive ailments. Trust me. You don’t want to have bursts of flatulence in the air.

 (Decadent cookies are higher in fat and lactose. They often contain higher amounts of butter, sugar, eggs, creams, milk, chocolate which can lead to bloating, indigestion, flatulence, upset stomach. They are not ideal to snack on in this fashion.)

Here are four useful tips to remember:

  • DO take individual packages for easier packing and disposal.
  • DOn‘t take anything too sweet (lean on the side of bland).
  • DO take crunchy cookies.
  • DO take cookies you can share.

Cool tips, but you probably need suggestions. It’s okay. I got you. Here is my list of cookies that are perfect for traveling:

5) Bring your Teddy on the flight

Do you like honey? Well Teddy grahams likes you! Teddy grahams are delightfully fun to eat.  The adorable honey bears will brighten up delays, and soothe away frustrations! They contain whole grain flour and have no trans-fat. It’s very palatable and will not leave you bloated. Also, a little honey is good for your stomach if you feel queasy on the plane!

4) Ave Maria

Maria biscuits were created in the late 1800 ‘s to celebrate the wedding of royals. They are well- known, and have retained their presentation for years.  Maria’s are as simple as simple can get. The have very basic ingredients (wheat flour, oil, sugar, vanilla flavor). They offer good value for the money so you will have plenty to share. (Depending on the brand, a box of Maria’s can contain 4-6 rolls for about $4.00). They are thin, crispy, and easy to masticate. Maria biscuits are accused of tasting bland, but we are going for “mild” remember? Besides, the taste improves if dunked in tea or hot chocolate. Also, you won’t get indigestion!

3)Don’t forget your Dad’s!

Famously crunchy since 1929, Dad’s are a no-frills cookie that are simply enjoyable. Whether its oatmeal or chocolate chip, I purchase the box with the portion packs for the sheer convenience, and to offer to hungry persons around me. I use Dad’s to make friends, and connect with other cookie monsters. Read more about my discovery of Dad’s here.

2) Be a Thin addict

Welcome THINaddictives to the flight! Pictured left is the cranberry almond flavor, but there are other flavors like pistachio, mango and blueberry.  Produced by nonni foods, Thinaddictives are a wholesome option for the health conscious traveler. This is guilt-free snacking as they are low in calories (just 100 per pack!) They are not sugary, and because they are twice baked, they pack a satisfactory crunch! A bonus is that they are individually packaged which make them ideal to share. If you are a fan of biscotti, try them! You’ll feel good for choosing something cool and wholesome.

1) Traveller’s digest

McVities Original digestives are my number 1 cookie of choice when I travel. ( I really like them) Digestives are one of the preferred biscuits in the UK for tea time, (and the British know their biscuits!) They are made of wheat, malt and have a crumbly texture, which is not overly sweet. They are more filling than other cookies (likely due to the fibre), and they will improve the cup of tea that is offered on the plane. If milk doesn’t bother you, you can also try the chocolate coated digestive which is a bit sweeter and nicely compliments the mealy-malty flavor of the original digestive

Notable mention : even through trials, Mr. Christie’s arrowroot is still pushing through. Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot biscuits are pleasant, semi-sweet and are not just for babies. They are thin, crunchy and dissolve quite easily. Although the Christie arrowroot faithful swear the recipe has changed, they still have a mild flavor and are lower on sugar compared to other cookies.

Safe travels!

What cookies do you take when travelling? drop your favorites in the comments!

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