Don’t eat cookies at your desk

The corporate life can be lackluster. I imagine that most office jobs are boring-as-heck. This is why some folks (like me) turn to snacking to help survive the mundane, and introduce a delicious diversion. I must be honest though. If the adventure in your day is snacking at your desk, then your situation is dire indeed. I know this because I have been there. Even though I am part cookie monster, eating cookies at your desk is not the best idea, no matter how boring your day job is.

Some may not have a choice, but it is not recommended you eat at your desk. Many intend to be more productive, but its too easy to drown in tasks and miss the refreshment of the outdoors. Research also shows strong correlations between sitting longer and numerous maladies. So what will happen if you begin eating cookies?

Reasons to NOT eat cookies at your desk

a) You’ll likely over eat- ‘Office job’ is another word for ‘boredom’, and if you are bored, overeating is inevitable. You open a pack of cookies while working through your ho-hum tasks. Before you know it, the entire pack will disappear and you won’t be able to explain how it happened.

b) Crumbs will spill from your mouth

Do you have a vacuum??

Even if you choose “soft cookies”, eating cookies will result in crumbs! Continuous munching will mean crumbs on your chest, in your lap, and in the crevices of your keyboard. It is very difficult to clean up all those crumbs so you will be giving more work to the already overworked custodians.

c)  It will quickly become a habit – Carbs are satisfying and highly addictive. Once you begin eating cookies at your desk, it can balloon into a habit. You will naturally notice cookies on sale, and add them to your weekly shopping cart. Later, you will discover its actually cheaper to eat cookies for lunch instead of buying food from the company food court.

d) People will side eye you

Opening a box of cookies in an office can be as loud as church bells. Once you develop a cookie habit, your colleagues will hear each box you open and begin silently counting. When a colleague told me that ‘I always have snacks‘, I knew it was true.

e) You’ll feel lousy after- Sitting for long hours at a desk already deprives us of sunshine and fresh air. If you add cookies to that (although they taste good) it can leave you feeling heavier, sleepier ,and guilty.

f) You’re social life may suffer

Staying cooped up at your desk, keeping delicious cookies for yourself, will impact your social life because it you will not be practicing the art of sharing. If you get up and offer to share cookies, it will boost your social connections, and increase your favourability as a team player. Furthermore if you bake, it is a great way for others to discover how scrumptious your cookies are.

I know it is tempting, but eating cookies at your desk may not be the best idea.

Do you eat cookies at your desk? how do you practice moderation? I would love to hear about it

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