It’s raining men!!

It’s raining chessmen

It’s raining men… alleluia!

No,  I’m not referring to the song that speaks of alphas peeking around every corner and green tree (although I have wished). I am referring to Pepperidge Farm’s chessmen butter cookies.

Pepperidge Farm , famously known for their cute goldfish cheese crackers (the ones I fought over as a child), also offer simple cookie classics, and every one of them is LIT. (Okay fine, the ones I have tried have been good).

  Although no butter cookie can ever take the place that Dansk Danish butter cookies have in my heart, Pepperidge Farm’s Chessmen are worth a mention!

You know those times when people drop by “unannounced” and you didn’t have enough time to “prepare” for them?  Chessmen are ideal to entertain surprise guests! Serve these golden cookies with tea or coffee ,and your guests won’t be able to eat just one. To add, the cookies will distract them completely and they won’t think of judging you for not baking!

These cookies are arguably higher in price compared to other brands, but they are certainly worth it.  If you are so concerned, they frequently go on sale for half the price ($2.50 in Canada) . You can also find them on Amazon.

Chessmen review:

The butter is legit– Chessmen are buttery (not flaky) and are still fresh for packaged cookies! Pay attention because while you’re chewing, you will reach a point where it will melt in your mouth, and the mild yet pleasant flavor will encompass your taste buds.

It’s not oily/greasy– Some butter cookies come so loaded that you can take the grease off with a paper towel. These cookies are not greasy but are light with a slight crunch.

It’s not too sweet– These are simple cookies with an agreeble amount of sweetness. Therefore, you won’t be hit with a high sugar rush!

They are creative–  Having fun with your snacks is not just for children. I found myself examining the stamps on the cookies to see which chess piece I would devour next. It bought back memories of when I battled with the chessmaster in grade school.

They can be addicting until they are not–  The size of these cookies make it very EASY to eat a little more than you should . But BEWARE they are about 40 calories each, and after a little too much, the unmistakable aftertaste of dried egg will be present in your mouth.  Some people may not even notice or may even enjoy it. However, if you‘re like me, you will not.

Overall, Pepperidge Farm’s Chessmen boast of a few simple ingredients that succeed in creating a pleasruable snack that butter cookie lovers will enjoy.

If you have tried these cookie or other butter cookies, share your experience in the comments.

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