Impress your date with these cookies

It’s Friday night and it’s DATE night.

You’re cooking a special meal from scratch because your date is worth it. Of course you’re baking cookies for dessert for that extra “added touch”. But what cookies should you bake?

Chocolate chip? nah, you did that the last time. Although your date loved your double chocolate chunk cookies, you want to expand your horizons, and break out of the mundane.

Thankfully, I have a list of cookies you can bake that are sure to delight your taste buds, add to the ambience, and impress your date too!

Cookies to impress your date:

Chocolate Espresso Cookies is for the caffeine lover who’s all about the action. These luxurious cookies pack a formidable dose of chocolate and espresso. The ingredients contain sources of quick energy, and the exciting stimulation of caffeine which is a genius way to ensure that your date night continues. However, if you are not feeling it, you can always substitute with decaffeinated espresso. (It will still be impressive and delicious).

You have a picky date? Go for snickerdoodles! Snickerdoodles are similar to sugar cookies but what distinguishes them is that ground cinnamon is added to the dough during prep. There are no fruits, nuts, or other “adornments” that could turn away a picky date. Although the Snickerdoodle is mild in flavor it is sweet and subtle…

Are you feeling very flirtatious? Then put whoopie pies on the menu! Whoopie pies are an instant pleaser and oodles of fun to eat. Imagine it: fluffy creamy filling, spilling out between two softer- than -pillows chocolate cookies. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

If you are high on the indulgence, and looking to plunge into deep and meaningful conversations, than shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate is for you. The buttery texture of shortbread encourages you to take your time because it is meant to savored. NOTE*: Ensure to use the best and freshest butter for supreme results. You want tender and delicate, yet rich and decadent.

For the helpless romantic, French macarons are the obvious choice. Macarons are a classy cookie that have an irresistible almond flavor. An ideal macaroon is moist and will melt easily in your mouth. Instead of feeding your date grapes, bake macarons! NOTE* if you want to be profoundly extra, serve the macarons with fruits like raspberries or strawberries or have the macarons be the same color as your outfit or accessories.

I tried to choose recipes that were closest to the ones I had already. If you are a dissatisfied with the recipe links, there are plenty of other options that you can discover via a simple search.

Have a happy date night!

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