How to avoid suspicious cookies (tactful excuses)

hey..what’s the yellow stuff on top?

I am not ashamed to admit that I scrutinize homemade wares on dessert tables. I was once at an event where a dish was runny (possibly under cooked), with an unflattering shade of brown and green. The truth is, things don’t always look appetizing. I admit that it is possible for a suspicious pastry to look “awful”, but still manage to taste fantastic. Unfortunately, I am not adventurous enough to test this. For me, PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING– especially when it involves baking for others.

Sadly, not everyone shares this mantra, and some of people will even ask whether you have tried their less-than appealing wares. It is not my intention to bruise the hearts of aspiring bakers, or dampen the happy mood. Thus, I came up with a list of tactful ways to avoid suspicious cookies and other baked goods.

List of Excuses

1.       I’m on a diet- This is a classic excuse although I am beginning to experience resistance.  Comments like “live a little”, “Potlucks don’t happen every day” immediately follow and then I’m left with having to emphasize the strictness of my mystery diet. 

2.       I’m watching my sugar – Similar to the previous excuse but a little more specific. This implies that you are only prepared to eat a very limited amount of sweets. Hopefully, you have pastries on your plate to back it up . (Btw, I’m always watching my sugar).

3.       So nice that you made this, but I’m already stuffed! –  If you are going to use this excuse make that you have already ate most of what you intend to eat.  It would be poor taste if a little later you are seen with a heavy plate of food.

4.       Honey, did you see my plate? – Although this may not mean you’re full, this is a melodramatic way of conveying that you have overindulged your appetite. This is an effective excuse since it is very probable that you’ve actually gone overboard!

5.       Oh they are chocolate chip cookies? How delightful! But I want to try something new! – This excuse implies that you want to avoid eating the same types of desserts, and are choosing to explore others out of your own personal initiative. 

6.       I’ll take it later- The beauty of this excuse is that you can say it more than once. Maybe up to three times. The party will go on and everyone is going to forget that you wanted the suspicious dessert ‘later’.  Also by the time ‘later’ comes, you’ll likely be too full, or maybe there will be no more of it left.

7.       Today isn’t my cheat day – I immediately remember that I am restricted to one cheat day per week especially if none of the desserts look appetizing, or if nothing is of particular interest. However if you intend to use this excuse, say it with conviction.

In conclusion, a social gathering is probably not the ideal time to tell someone that their desserts aren’t appetizing. While it may not appeal to you, it is possible that it can please someone else. The best thing is to arrive to the event prepared. With a little planning, you can use a combination of these excuses to avoid tasting suspicious desserts, and none of them need be a lie.

Were you ever offered a dessert that you found ‘suspicious’? How did you avoid not eating it? share your comments!

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