The trap of being thin

The box read “spice snaps” by DARE–always wholesome ingredients. Being a big gingersnap fan, I didn’t hesitate. The cookie was sleek, thin, and most of all delicious. The taste was not overly gingerly, and it was quite crunchy. In short, this was just “my type” of biscuit. I ate another and then another. Delighted, I kept on eating. Before I knew it, I had finished the entire box! I tossed the empty cardboard in the garbage and curled up into a ball of shame.

What are cookie thins?

Cookie thins boast of the same delicious taste of your favorite cookie in an upgraded body. Thins are usually crispier, lighter in texture, and contain less carbs and calories. The idea is that you can be “sophisticated” and enjoy cookies without the heavy load of guilt.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In short, cookie thins are a trap. The 2.0 bourgeois design is manufactured with a powerful message that makes moderation a challenge. For example, unsuspecting cookie monsters will purchase a package of ‘Oreo thins’ believing them to be a better option than traditional Oreos. The seductive marketing uses clever words such as light delicate, elegant, and fewer calories. The cumulation of these words sends a signal to the brain to convince a person they can naturally manage just a little bit more Oreos than normal. Now, instead of two Oreos with your afternoon lunch you’ll have four.

But you won’t eat just four cookie thins. You’ll eat six, ten, or the entire row.

The business decision to make ‘thins’ is a success and has already trapped several weak persons including me. Many think they are eating less even though in fact, they will end up eating a comparable amount of calories and carbs. With the thin design, it is so much easier to eat them like chips.

I’m not suggesting that you should not buy cookie thins. In fact, I have an unopened box of thins in my pantry right now. (*unopened* is the key word) . This is just a simple warning to buy them with your eyes wide open. Don’t let your guard down! Once you are ‘enchanted’ by the elegant design of cookie thins, the trap will be set in motion , and one event is inevitable : You’ll shortly finish them all.

you have been warned…

Have you had moments of weakness with cookie thins ? Share your experience below!

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