Burnt cookies for your guests?

Last weekend my family and a few of our friends went on a mini getaway. About 21 of us drove to the country in anticipation of fun and relaxation. We rented a few cabins on a private campground. The hosts were going to cater our meals and snacks, so all we had to bring was our bedding and imaginations.

We arrived exhausted but eager for the getaway. Our hosts had graciously prepared some refreshment to greet our arrival: 3 platters of burnt cookies.

Burnt cookies? kind of them, but what a flop!

Not only were the cookies burnt, they were also as hard as rocks, and were mostly suitable for target practice.

Okay first, the good

The fact that the cookies were burnt and of various sizes was a clear indication that they were homemade creations. There was also about four different varieties on the three platters. I appreciate that the owners were creative enough to bake cookies, but sadly that is where my appreciation stops.

The bad

The owners of course had no possible way of knowing the identities of all the people in our party. However, I bet you a dozen boxes of Oreos that if they knew that the Mayor of a city was coming, they would NOT have dared to serve such atrocities. Their boldness to serve burnt cookies was a reflection of their disrespect and dismissal view of our party. We simply weren’t important enough to them even though we paid a steep price to rent their cabins! OF COURSE baking accidents happen. I have had a few myself. However, this situation could have been easily remedied if they purchased store bought cookies. Packaged cookies would have been 100% better than burnt cookies!

The worse

Sadly, the burnt cookies was an indication of things to come. As the weekend progressed, the meals didn’t improve and the service was even worse. The staff were unfriendly, unhelpful and nonchalant. It felt like we were a burden to them. I realized from their attitudes that my initial conclusion was correct: serving burnt cookies to your guests is a sign of disrespect.

It is possible that relatives and very close friends will look the other way if they are offered burnt cookies. However, if the invitation is for acquaintances, or worse, patrons, it is pure rudeness to greet them with a platter of burnt cookies.

At the conclusion of our getaway, the owner issued a solemn apology for the lackluster service (too late, but better than never). This was a humble sentiment, but I prefer the apology with a fresh batch of homemade cookies.

under no circumstances does one serve burnt cookies to guests!

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