Pistachio-less Oreos

“Try the Pistachio flavored oreos” she said. “It tastes just like Pistachios“, she added enthusiastically.

Pistachio cream in an oreo? really?

My cookie intuition told me that it was too good to be true but after this most convincing speech, I happily went to purchase a package of Pistachio flavored Oreos.

Over the last decade or two, the creators of Oreo, (bedazzled with the success of the Oreo cookie) have introduced other adventurous flavors including mint, lemon, caramel, etc. In fact, there are more Oreo varieties today that I did not have the luxury of eating while growing up. But Its all good, because the original simply cannot be beat.

So what was my experience?

I bit it once and then twice. I tilted my head sideways. I closed my eyes. I shifted my position to the left. But all to no avail. Despite what I did, I simply could not find *any pistachio flavor* within the Oreo. I ate a couple more but it only increased my disappointment. Defeated, I placed the cookies in the darkest corner of my pantry.

If I had not purchased these Pistachio flavored Oreos myself, I would not have known they were supposed to be Pistachio. I would have thought it was just a funny batch of Oreos.

These Oreos contain no Pistachio flavor. It is a gross deception; a marketing gimmick to taunt cookie monsters for their hard earned money. For that, it was not worth the purchase. If I buy another flavor of Oreo, I expect the flavor to be inside or I can stick with regular Oreos, Thank you very much.

Go ahead and purchase these cookies if you please but don’t expect to find any thing remotely close to Pistachio cream inside.

Have you tried Pistachio flavored Oreos? Comment your experience , I would love to hear it!

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