5 sandwiches to turn up to

It’s (still) summer in the western hemisphere and that means outdoor parties and bbq’s with friends and family. Parties need desserts and desserts should include cookies. Perhaps you don’t have the time to make a fancy platter of homemade cookie sandwiches . Don’t worry. You can still serve store bought sandwiches that your guests will enjoy.

Sandwich cookies consist of a filling between two cookies. The fillings can include, fruits, creams and jams. Sandwich cookies are ideal for summer parties because their construction make them super fun to eat, they are simple to serve, and they carry a hint of nostalgia for everyone. Of course ice-cream sandwich cookies is a good friend of summer gatherings.

No time to bake? No problem! Here are 5 delicious sandwiches
5) Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels are delicious marshmallow goodness and pay homage to the classic chocolate sandwich cookie, which is enjoyed by practically everyone. Also they come in convenient packages that make them easy to serve, especially for a party with children. Read about my early discovery of wagon wheels here.

4) Peak Freans Fruit Creme Biscuits

Peak Freans Fruit Creme Biscuits have a hearty flavor with the correct amount of Jelly adorning the center. They are crunchy but soft, a combination that will please your guests. You can purchase them alone in a pack, or buy the Peak Freans assorted sandwiches.

3) Pepperidge Farms Monaco sandwiches

On the package it reads ‘delicious cookies‘ because that’s exactly what they are. Friend, if you haven’t already tried these Pepperidge Monaco sandwiches , run and go get them. There is mint chocolate and double chocolate and mercy, it’s sooo good. Place them delicately on a platter and when your guests taste the richness they will wonder if they were homemade.

2) Voortman’s wafer sandwiches (vanilla + chocolate)

Voortman’s wafers are everything.  As a bonus, they are made with wholesome ingredients (real cocoa, real vanilla,  no artificial colors or flavors.) The wafer is crisp, and airy and the crème filling flavorful and plentiful.  These are a “crowd pleaser” meaning your guests will crave for more.  The quality and presentation of these wafers also make them ideal for a cookie bar.

1) The indomitable Oreo sandwich

Simply delightful and decadent, Oreo cookies continue to dominate as one of the top selling cookies. They’ve become a classic so they will make your guests smile *by default* . Be creative and put out a plate decorated with various flavors of Oreos like golden Oreos or lemon flavored. Your guests will race to get some. ( I betcha that the chocolate Oreos will disappear first.)

notable mention: Fudgeos

For those who would like recommendations for homemade sandwiches, I do have a list *in the works* and the moment I test the recipes, it will be made public.

I hope this list inspires you with ideas to take your sandwich game higher! Leave comments below regarding your favorite cookie sandwiches. Thanks for reading!

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