I want my crush to like me

Navigating crushes while eating cookies

I’ve happily enjoyed eating cookies without much of a conscience. Although my discipline is much better than that of my high school days, there is still much to be desired. Sometimes I lack motivation, and shrug off responsibility -that is- until recently. A month ago I met a creature of impact. A man that rivals the physical impact of Thor.

I met him at a house of fitness, the place that is a second home to a sea of beautiful bodies .

The encounter

He approached, gave a smile and even deigned to initiate small talk . He asked the details of my schedule, inquired as to whether I attended fitness classes, and invited me to come weight training. I mostly smiled, responding pathetically when my voice returned. One glance at him ,and instantly various thoughts entered my mind many of which surrounded my avid cookie addiction. Would he still speak to me if he witnessed my addiction ?

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a human being who wants my crush to like me– insomuch that I considered doing something drastic like giving up cookies to impress him. (Strange what a handsome man w/muscles can do to a female brain). But the thought quickly vanished. Instead, I decided to develop a strategy to keep my motivation and esteem high. If you have a cookie addiction like i do , (or candy, cake, sweets) then I hope this is helpful.

How to navigate

  1. Surround yourself with people better than you. Mr. Crush is better at discipline than I. This is why I decided not to hide myself when he comes along. Besides enoying the view, everytime I see him putting in work, and eating healthy, it motivates me to do even better.
  2. Run full speed towards challenges . For a cookie monster like me, remaining disciplined is like climbing mount everest. At one point, it was laughable to imagine that I could eat only four cookies at a time. But I found a way. Read about how here . Instead of accepting that its ‘too hard’ I choose to embrace the challenge.
  3. Be a human being. This is probably the most valuable lesson . I’ve accepted that there will be challenges. I don’t use this as an excuse, but as reminder that I am a mere mortal who likes cookies and charming men with muscles. The human component helps me to be patient with myself. It also means that I’ll feel no ways eating a giant cookie in front of my crush (when I feel brave.)

Do you change your eating habits/lifestyle drastically to impress a crush or did you take a more strategic method? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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