How to stop at four cookies

When the title of “cookie monster” was given to me (first by my mom), it was not bestowed on me lightly. She certainly stressed the importance of vegetables, (I ate them) but ANY pocket money I received went towards the purchase of a box of cookies. In fact, during my high school days I ate a box of cookies nearly*everyday*. I truly wish I was exaggerating. For 99 cents I got these:

Breaktime chocolate chip was my favorite

Thankfully, my metabolisim was pretty high and I was very active, especially during the summer months.
Well , those highschool days have gone and the reality is as one ages, one realizes that things are just-not-the same, and one can’t continue going on as before. These days, I purchase cookies but I do not store them for too long because the temptation is too much for me to bear.

Cookies are my one weakness. This is why I devised a nearly fool proof way of stopping at four cookies. Four is the magic number for me because that’s all I need.

How to stop at four cookies:

  1. After having bought your desired box of cookies go directly to a Daycare/shelter/business meeting/lunchroom/hangout spot/etc
  2. Announce that you are handing out cookies today in a clear and loud voice.
  3. Open the box of cookies and with clean hands, take four cookies out of the box in view of everyone .
  4. See the rest of the cookies disappear.
  5. ***if necessary***, approach persons and offer them a cookie until they are all gone (but this is usually not required).

As you can conclude from my method, the best way to stop at a modest amount of cookies is to eat them in a crowd of people and give them away EVERYTIME. Trust me, it will make you more likable and very popular especially with little children (although their parents may side eye you nervously). You will become even more popular (a goddess or a demi-god), if you bring delicious home made cookies to hand out instead.

In short, everything in moderation.

Have you found a better method to moderately enjoy treats? Please share them with me below, I am so open to new ideas. Thanks for reading!

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