Jump on the Bandwagon

My first introduction to Wagon wheels was 5 years ago when a generous colleague brought in a large box and started handing them out. He was so impressed with my reaction that he gave me the rest of the box. Him and I became best work friends after that gesture.

Inspired by the wild, wild west , Wagon Wheels are a bougie Viva puff and the original consists of 2 biscuits, marshmallow filling and chocolate- flavored coating. In short , its delicious. It reminds me of a Jos Louis cake but its definitely less cakey . Do you like the idea of smores? the glorious synchronization created by the merger of marshmallow and chocolate? Then Jump on the bandwagon!

I’ll eat Wagon wheels as a “weekend snack” after a time in the park or when I’ve returned from the library. If you have children, its nice to put into their lunch (not everyday) but once or twice a week.

Wagon Wheel Controversy. Smaller or perception?

In the UK, avid Wagon wheel eaters swear that the product makers are cheapening out and that the sizes of the wheels have gotten smaller through the years. The manufacturers dismiss this objection to be an adult’s childhood memory of eating a wagon wheel with smaller hands. A study performed by city life alleges that the wheels are 12% smaller as of 2015.

Unfortunately I can not lend a voice to either side because I ate my first wheel 5 years ago. If anything though, I’d wager 2 boxes that the price of wagon wheels have gone up.

Do you like Wagon wheels? do you think they have gotten smaller? comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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