My obsession with gingersnaps– it just won’t end!


The ginger attack is back

The best Gingersnap cookies, according to me

I’m at a loss as to the day it started but its been going on strong for six months now. The munchies for Gingersnaps. But not just any type of gingersnaps. The ShaSha brand in particular: In my invested opinion, it is superior to other snaps, and believe me I’ve tried a few.

What makes these Gingersnaps soo good you ask? (glad you asked)

Their greatness goes beyond the adorable heart shape. First, they are light and thin making them very easy to eat (every cookie monster’s dream). The ingredients are incredibly simple and did not cause bloating or other stomach discomforts. The taste of the ginger is just right, not nauseating or overwhelming. AND lastly, they aren’t too sweet!

The cookies are about 10 calories each so a few of them wont mess up your diet (unless you’re me lol) A bonus is they are dairy-free and all natural with zero preservatives (like i said, simple ingredients).

If you want to try them you can get them from your local grocery store or from Amazon. These NON-GMO cookies are a delight. I think you’ll like them too.

Have you tried these cookies or another gingersnap that’s better? (homemade doesn’t count) leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to try something that I may not have tried before.

meanwhile I’ll get back to snapping (ordered 2 this week already! HAH!)

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